Lugu Lake madness

We all arrived at Lugu Lake on the night of the fourth, and it’s been a wild ride since. After three full days of instruction, we will be holding an interactive performance at the school tonight before moving on to the second camp. Here are some pictures from the first day:


About unitymp

The Unity Rural Music Project was initiated in February 2010 by two Fulbright scholars conducting research in Chengdu. Our mission is to address issues of education development in rural China by organizing a series of music-themed summer camps in Sichuan and Guangxi Provinces. Through these camps, we will provide participating schools with instruments, textbooks and teacher training, helping them lay the foundation for sustainable music programs of their own. Additionally, the camps will provide a valuable opportunity for cultural exchange between students and instructors, providing students a chance to learn and interact with musicians and role models from urban China and abroad.
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1 Response to Lugu Lake madness

  1. Amy Kaiman says:

    The kids look enthralled! Wonderful pictures, thanks for posting.

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