In addition to Los Piratas, David and I, there will be four new volunteers at Lugu Lake (admitted, Kelly’s been with us this whole time, but she certainly deserves some screen time).

Here are their bios/pictures.

Kelly Guo

Kelly was born and rised in a small village in Jiamusi City, the fourth largest city in Heilongjiang province. Coming from rual China, she would like to devote her effort to the helping children in poor areas learn about the world of music. She will do coordinating and logistics work at the Lugu Lake music camps.

Lefei Pu

Lefei Pu is a professional pipa player. She works at the Sichuan Arts Theatre in Chengdu. (No picture)

Olivia Kraef

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Olivia is a citizen of the world and a singing sinologist. She has studied and worked in China for almost 12 years and is currently completing a PhD on Yi (Nuosu) music. At Unity Olivia will be teaching an introduction to music appreciation and theory, focusing on western classical music, jazz, and local folk music.

Grace Park

A graduate student of International Politics at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Grace’s interest in China began while studying abroad and traveling all over China in 2006. She started piano at age 5 but it wasn’t until she learned guitar for church that she began to appreciate music and musical instruments as a hobby. Grace loves all types of music and this summer, she looks forward to sharing this love with students at the Unity Rural Music Project.



About unitymp

The Unity Rural Music Project was initiated in February 2010 by two Fulbright scholars conducting research in Chengdu. Our mission is to address issues of education development in rural China by organizing a series of music-themed summer camps in Sichuan and Guangxi Provinces. Through these camps, we will provide participating schools with instruments, textbooks and teacher training, helping them lay the foundation for sustainable music programs of their own. Additionally, the camps will provide a valuable opportunity for cultural exchange between students and instructors, providing students a chance to learn and interact with musicians and role models from urban China and abroad.
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