The team after a music camp at Yingxiu middle school, located at the epicenter of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

Thanks for checking out our blog! Now that Jon has set up such a beautiful space (thanks, Jon), me and the rest of our team will be able to blog live from the field.

The last two weeks have taken us through a whirlwind of different schools, benefits, and other types of events across China. In just the last 10 days, myself, the Los Piratas band and other volunteers have organized and performed at 4 benefits, held 5 Latin music summer camps in different rural Sichuan areas (think hundreds of Chinese children dancing merengue), created a new type of music called Tibetan-Cumbia while performing with Tibetan nomad musicians, accumulated 600 minutes of footage for a documentary about the project, and drank our way through a typhoon of Chinese rice wine at 3 banquets. We are sleep-deprived, but happy and ready to move on.

Of course, these things need to be explained in much more detail. From tomorrow onward, I will try my best to update at least once a day. First, I will outline the beginnings of this project, then give detailed descriptions of the work we are currently doing in Chengdu and rural Sichuan, and finally show how we will continue such work in Guangxi and the Lugu Lake area later in the summer.

Things will not be slowing down in the following days as we prepare for more performances and camps, but I will make time in order to use this blog as a platform to provide a clear picture of our work.

Before I sign off, some pictures:

Ernesto teaching Merengue at the Bainian Vocational School for migrant children

Zhaxi, Tibetan herder musician; fellow performer and teacher


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  1. hi dave, just got done talking to your mother told her i was going to write you an email sounds like your having a great time. Just came back from seeing grandma andshe is doing pretty good. Her target date for coming home is Saturday so say a prayer for her. She is doing really great. Take care andhav fun love aunt kathy & be safe.

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